More fun – more safety

Jumping on a trampoline is great fun – but it can also be dangerous. JumpXfun increases safety and makes the jumping even more fun.

JumpXfun transforms your ordinary trampoline into a bungee trampoline. You fly high and land softly with no impact on your back or knees. You can even do somersaults without risk.

JumpXfun is easy to assemble, and can be use with or without a safety net around the trampoline. You can also use JumpXfun with an inground trampoline. You can still use your trampoline as an ordinary trampoline, when JumpXfun is attached.

JumpXfun can be used by everyone aged 3–99 years, weighing 15–40kg up to 80 kg with extra tubes. (33–176 lbs.) and even by disabled people or as rehabilitation.

JumpXfun makes your jumping much more fun – and much more safe.
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Who can use it?

Almost everyone can use JumpXfun. It is suitable for children and adults from 3–99 years, weighing 20–80 kg.

High safety

Trampolines are popular among kids and adults – but they can also be dangerous. With JumpXfun, you can jump more safely. The product meets European ToySafety regulations. JumpXfun is approved by Intertek.


Children and adults who are disabled can use JumpXfun. It can also be used as rehabilitation, since it is gentle on the knees and the back.


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