The idea behind JumpXkids is simple: the bungee cords give you lift and make you jump higher – but the cords also control your descent and eliminate the risk of injury on landing.

With the JumpXkids harness, your center of gravity is higher than normal – so when you do a somersault, you are automatically flipped in the air – and will always land on your feet.

Many different bungee cords and harnesses have been tested to find the absolute best solution.

With JumpXkids, everything has been customized for the safety of users. From the special carabiners, that will not squeeze tiny hands, to the industrial strength bungee cords.

Built to last

JumpXkids is built to last. All the components are of the best quality. The steel is galvanized for extra durability, and the bungee cords are the same as those used in professional bungee equipment.

JumpXkids will also extend the lifespan of your existing trampoline, as your teenagers will find trampolines fun again.


JumpXkids has already been tested and approved with honors.

The product complies with European Toy Safety, and it is Approved by Intertek.

Danish design and quality

Denmark is known for product design and quality of the highest standards. JumpXkids is Danish design and quality at its best.

Global patent

The unique design of JumpXfun has been awarded a global patent.

General trampoline safety:

  • Use safety net and cover the springs
  • Only one person on the trampoline at a time
  • No somersaults or flips (except with JumpXkids)
  • Kids younger than 6 should be supervised by an adult
  • Check the trampoline for damage frequently