Why JumpXkids?

The trampoline is a popular addition to the family garden. It is fun and you can get some great exercise and fresh air. Unfortunately, jumping on a trampoline can also include the risk of fractures, or head, neck and spine injuries. So, should you just forget about using a trampoline? Or try to make it safer for your kids and for yourself?

With JumpXkids – the bungee trampoline for family gardens – jumping on the trampoline is much safer – and also much more fun. With JumpXkids, you can jump higher and do crazy tricks without risking your health.

Benefits of trampoline jumping:

  • Improve your motor skills and co-ordination
  • Develop muscle strength and prevent bone disease
  • Protect your joints with an excellent low impact workout
  • Positive influence on your mental health
  • Improve cardiovascular health
  • Increase oxygen capacity
  • Increase energy
  • Help cure type 2 diabetes


Because trampoline jumping is low impact, it is ideal for anyone who needs rehabilitation. With the JumpXkids bungee trampoline, jumping is even gentler and can be used by almost everyone – including people with minor injuries in, for example, the knees, and overweight children.


  • Is much more fun
  • Reduces injuries on garden trampolines
  • Protects your joints and back
  • Lose weight
  • Is suitable for rehabilitation and the disabled
  • Is Danish design and high quality
  • Is longlasting
  • Is excellent exercise
  • Is approved for everyone from 3–99 years and weighing 15-40kg up to 80kg with extra tubes.

Excellent exercise

Trampoline exercise offers excellent health and fitness benefits that are superior to jogging or skipping. NASA found that 10 minutes energetic trampoline jumping is equal to 30 minutes of running. At the same time, it protects your joints while exercising your muscles. What’s not to like?!